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A wonderful network of parent photographers and a core design team work together to capture the special memories of every child in the Cole and Spofford Pond schools. A great chance to be in the classroom or at activities with your child and their classmates! No photography experience required.


We need responsible parents for every classroom who advocate for every child's smile. Your time is extremely appreciated!


Cole and Spofford Pond Yearbook Best Practices 

Your mission is two-fold… 

  • 50 STELLAR photos ready for upload in February (Graduating 6th Grade Classes need 70 photos) 
  • 5 (or more) UNIQUE photos of each & every child in your class 


What makes a STELLAR Photo..


● Small groups of 2-6 children make for the best photos 

○ Individual photos are OK but small groups are preferred)

Full Class photos can be useful - Aim for 2 full class photos

Recess photos bring life and light to the yearbook

● Specialist photos are a plus & can be used in many places throughout the yearbook 


How to ensure UNIQUE photos... 


● Plan at least 4-5 different visits to school to take pictures

○ The more times you go to school, the more variety you will capture - parties, field trips, special projects and events

○ Each visit should take under 15 minutes 

● Learn the names and faces of the kids in your class to ensure that each child is represented at least 5 times 

○ Print out a class list to tally pics before uploading in February

● Capture the kids in a variety of different settings 

○ Smiling at the camera, candid shots while hard at work & hard at play, interacting with their peers & teachers, enjoying recess


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