Our amazing programs and events cannot happen without dedicated parent and school volunteers like you!  Volunteering is open to all qualified individuals interested in engaging in their child’s school environment or in helping to ensure the success of BPTO events and programs that directly support our schools. Volunteer opportunities in this section are event/program specific and the duration is usually 2-3 hours.


There are no current volunteer opportunities - please check back!








Each year the BPTO puts on a number of events and programs that require volunteers in a leadership role. For the 23/24 school year, we have a number of opportunities for parents/guardians and school staff with an interest in coordinating and leading the planning, preparation, and execution of these events, along with the support of the BPTO.


Below are the current volunteer leadership positions:







All volunteers MUST be Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) cleared prior to volunteering.  You can request a CORI form from your school's Front Office.  Learn more about CORI at your student’s school office, or by clicking here.


You DO NOT need to be a paying member of the BPTO to volunteer, but you do need to be CORI checked!  We appreciate any and all support from those that wish to participate, regardless of membership status.