The Teacher Wishes program is where BPTO funds are spent on providing special academic resources and classroom learning support. Teacher Wishes are item-based requests from the teachers and school staff.


These can range from magazine subscriptions like Time for KidsStoryworks, and Scholastic, to educational board games, math manipulatives, special flexible seating, or Google Expeditions virtual reality goggles for learning about the world.This program is application-based; teachers submit a request where they describe their "wish" and its purpose toward their curriculum goals. The BPTO works closely with the teachers and principals about their wishes, the details of the items, costs, functions, ordering and impact. Teachers are always extremely appreciative of this extra support in making learning a positive experience for all.


In the 2020/2021 school year, the BPTO spent $18,000 on Teacher Wishes in our schools.


We are grateful for your help in making these gifts possible!


To learn more about Teacher Wishes contact Meghan Randall and Kat Murphy.