The Sponsor a Flamingo returns for year two!  These fine feathered friends bordered the Color Run route last year, bearing your runners name while beckoning them to fly over the finish line. 


We are encouraging families and students to "sell" flamingos, May 16th thru June 9th, in support of the BPTO's Curriculum Enrichment programs.


Please share this link with friends and family so they too can support your runner.




Fundraiser Details




Sponsor a Flamingo is a fundraising program that raises funds to support the BPTO's Curriculum Enrichment programs at both Cole and Spofford Pond.


Sponsor a Flamingo is also a really fun way to get students, families, and the community excited about the Color Run. All the flamingos that are "sold" are personalized with the runners name and placed along the Color Course of the Color Run. On Color Run day hundreds of flamingos can be seen helping the runners fly across the finish line.


Sponsor a Flamingo is also a friendly competition among our community, because the student, one from Cole and one from Spofford, who "sells" the most flamingos WINS a ride to their school in a Boxford Police vehicle - sirens, lights, and loud speaker included! 



Flamingo sales run May 16th thru June 9th.



Flamingos are sold online


We encourage you to share the above link with friends and family so they can purchase flamingos on behalf of your student/runner.  It's a great way to raise funds, have lot's of flamingos on the Color Run course, and increase your child's chances of winning the police ride to school.  Win-Win!



#1 It's fun!


#2 It encourages you to get creative in your fundraising with fun flamingo sales pitches, videos, social media posts, yard signs, etc., all to garner support for your runner.


#3 Most importantly, 100% of flamingo funds go directly back into our schools through the BPTO's Curriculum Enrichment program!




Do we get to keep the flamingos? No. As responsible stewards of the fundraised for this fundraiser, we reuse the flamingos each year. We kindly ask that you and your children don't take the flamingos from the Color Run Course.


We do however, strongly encourage you to find your runners personalized flamingos and take photos at the Color Run.


Do flamingos end up in my front yard?  If they do, it's not because of us! No, Sponsor a Flamingo does not mean you wake up to being "flocked". All flamingos are purchased online and customized by event volunteers and will be lining the Color Run course.


Can I "sell" flamingos if my child isn't running in the Color Run? Yes! Any enrolled Cole or Spofford student may sell flamingos and be eligible to win the Boxford Police vehicle ride to their school.


Can someone from out of town or another state purchase flamingos? Yes, and we encourage it!  All flamingo sales are done online, so anyone can purchase flamingos on behalf of your child/runner. Share the custom URL so friends and family from far and wide can support your fundraising efforts.


How will we know where our child stands in the flamingo sales?  The BPTO will do bi-weekly Facebook posts highlighting the top three students from each school. Plus, you can always email the BPTO if you're dying to know!





New This Year!


Weekly Rewards for the student's at each school with the most flamingos. Each week the BPTO will announce via the BPTO Facebook page the student with the most flamingos for that week. The BPTO will deliver a flamazing flamingo themed award to the student.


The Golden Flamingo Trophy... Stay tuned for more details about this fine feathered award.
















As responsible stewards of our funds, the BPTO reuses the flamingos each year for this fundraiser. We kindly ask that all flamingos remain at the Color Run as property of the BPTO. We encourage you and your children to seek out your personalized flamingos and take photos, but please leave flamingos to be reused at next years event. Thank you for your compliance.